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Default Re: THE WATCHER Directional Change

Originally Posted by THEWATCHER View Post
Interesting news from Bulgaria.............
Great news.. this keeps getting forced from every angle imaginable eventually the lid going to come off.. I think we are near critical mass as far as public awareness.

Do you think demonic news controllers like Rupert Murdoch will ever come around? He really could achieve alot if he put all his media interests to work on this issue.
He owes the rest of us on the planet big time for getting Bush reelected.. His karma must be like a tsunami. Whats it gonna be Rupert? Do you have the balls to do something this important?? Its not too late for you to help..
Use your power to heal humanity and the earth. TV has been weaponised for too long, we don't want to be distracted, we want to be educated and enlightened. Stop the fear and ridicule campaign on the ET issue. Show some maturity and integrity.

Lets hope we see Dr Greer's cooperative CE-5 initiative with the major G8 nation he keeps taking about manifest publically ASAP.

Obama is not going to help that much seems clear now.. warmongering and drugdealing in Afghanistan seems more important. We were naive to think an american president could lead the way on such a global issue.

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