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Default Re: Readying Americans for Dangerous, Mandatory Vaccinations

Once people start feeling the effects of this flu and if some even start dieing from it how long do you think it is going to be before people start to pull their children out of school. There will be no school I for one will not send my kids to school and I`ll be damed if they think they are going to inject my kid with an unproven untested drug they had best be ready to sign documents pertaining to their acceptance of responsibility should some side effect or death result . If they are unwilling to sign then he does not get the injection . It`s all about the birth certificate folks registering the child has given the state the right to take him/her away if they feel the child is in danger ,whether it is or not becomes irrelevant. You need to separate the child from the state the only way to do that is to rid them of their birth certificate . But before you do this at least One adult must do it first . This then prevents them from claiming child abandonment in court . Once the adult does it then do the child now the second parent and then all 3 are out of the system The legislation lets the drug companies off the hook not the government or the people administering it so you can still get money out of some one if some thing goes bad .
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