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Default Re: Readying Americans for Dangerous, Mandatory Vaccinations

What concerns me is will they combine vaccines and thus cause major problems for children recieving them. Eugenics is one of Rockerfella`s big pets and I am 100% sure this is one way it will be served up to the public. Those that don`t die will as sure as hell have problems with reproduction and or birth deformities
"The HHS web site also says the Secretary may "issue a declaration....that provides immunity from tort liability (except for willful misconduct) for claims of loss caused, arising out of, relating to, or resulting from administration or use of (vaccine or other pharmaceutical) countermeasures to diseases, threats and conditions determined by the Secretary to constitute a present, or credible risk of a future public health emergency...."

If Immunity is to be provided to the corporations producing these vaccines from possible legalities the option to take this vaccine should remain the choice of the individual . If they can not maintain the safety of the vaccine then It can not be mandatory

"The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA)"

All acts and statutes are applicable only to Corporations if they wish to vaccinate my birth certificate so be it

"Adverse Vaccination Effects on Gulf War Troops"

The Guinea Pigs of big Pharma companies is and always will be military personal those guys are the first to have it administered to because they are trained not to say no

Originally Posted by sleepingnomore View Post
Yes it will be impossible to vaccinate everyone, that's why they're targeting school age children with the threat of turning them away from school without proof of vaccinations. Then the parents end up in court for not ensuring their children are attending school. The vicious circle begins.
If such a situation was to exist children would be kept home from school , mine anyways , so forced vaccines to attend school would be impossible as many would not go

No one will be allowed into my residence should a situation like this arise unless I deem in necessary as everyone they are looking for will not be at said residence .

restricting or prohibiting "assemblages of persons."

Blacks Law Dictionary describes a person as a fictional entity so they could never assemble any ways but if such were to happen would human beings be allowed to assemble

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