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Default Re: The Whales Are Crying ~ Please Send Love

Originally Posted by dragonfly View Post
What follows is something that came to me almost 2 years ago. I sent it out to every one I knew, and some I didn't. I thought this might be a good place to resubmit it back into the world. It was soon after that the image you see as my Avatar haunted me for months untill I finally took pen to paper and let it out. I am no artist. An Expressionist indeed! "smile"

Here goes:

Hello Everyone,

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kimberly and it is my intention that this message reach every human being on this planet with the capacity for love. Of course I will need your help.

For those of you that do know me personally know that I have been experiencing an intense connection with the creatures of the sea for the last few years. The majestic Whales, the healing and playful Dolphins and even a few Sea Lions on occasion. I can’t say I consciously understand it, but I can say I feel the messages and the love. The purpose of this letter is to spread the love. Let me tell you why….

Through my meditations and in dreams they have come clearly on their own. A calling if you will. The other night as I was resting for sleep, the songs of the deep began within me. I woke fully as I heard my own voice say aloud “Don’t cry. Please don’t cry”. My heart bursted open with immense tears of compassion and a desperate longing to be of some help. I felt responsible in some way; as if they are my children and I must do something to protect them. We all know what is happening on this planet. Innocence is being needlessly hurt. I asked ever so deeply to give me a sign of something, ANYTHING that I could possibly do to be of service. I was washed with a feeling of gratitude from them for just sending my love. My tears finally stopped and I went to sleep. At 1am, I woke with a strong idea to do this letter. To see how much love I could possibly sum up to send out into the world. To do my part in helping change the vibration of this planet!

I ask only 2 things:

1. Spend some time each day just feeling love. Just Be Love! Anything that brings forth the feeling will do. Especially unconditional, as for a pet, a child, nature. Just 2 to 5 minutes a day is something. Whether in meditation, before sleep or upon waking, anytime will do. Just Be Love and allow it to radiate out on its own. A suggested affirmation exercise I do is to picture myself as loving light, emanating from within and repeating the 5 words “I am Love. Pure Love” You will be astounded at the loving things that come into mind.

2. Pass this on to anyone and/or everyone you know with the capacity for love. A chain letter of a sort. A chain of love and community as human beings. If anyone would like to translate this into other languages and pass it on, I thank you.

That is all.

Blessings of Peace, Love and Light ~ Everywhere

I deeply thank you,

oh thank you kimberly, thank you somuch for your dear sweet advice i will just this in a few as i am getting ready for bed

i have been doing something close too

i think 2 or 3 times the last 2 or 3 times i went to sleep i would think to my self to send out this message "world peace through love unity light respect brotherhood and sisterhood understanding compassion" and the likes and wow i feel each time like im about to float out of bed kinda of lol works in the opposie direction instead of falling a sleep i get jolted with energy

but i will think of your friends as i go to sleep tonight

thank you and hope to see you soon my friend
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