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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

I can't help but wonder how many who seek to walk in the light, to heal and help others and follow a path of divine oneness see that the true message of ultimate unity is being perverted by a false concept of oneness offered by some.

There is this idea of rebooting one's soul or hard drive. Wipe it clean, start fresh with new eyes. Well, that would all depend on what information one then allows to be placed as their new operating system as it were. Sure, it might sound good, look good, and be pleasing to the senses, but does that make it truth?

Yes, by all means, look into the mirror. Only you know your own souls drive and can and will answer for the pathways and energy you put into achieving that end desire.

Ultimately though, there is only one truth. Few will know it until the creator shares it with all, and then no one need speak to another of what the truth is for we will all know it. I did not say follow it, but we will all know it.

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