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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Malletzky View Post
This post is dedicated to all of you beloved members of this forum..and I only ask you to read further and try to understand the message of this humble soul...please. It is a long post, but you know me...I sometimes tend to express my feelings this way. I speak from my heart, so don't condemn me please.

I decided, for now, to put the muzzle that I put on my mouth few days ago I feel obligated to do this. I will explain further why...

It's hard to begin, but Abrax, allow me to begin here with your post #1422: where you wrote the following sentence:

You know, the moment I decided I should go into an 'observer' modus, I didn't exactly knew why. Was it ok to leave this ‘fight’, as it seemed right then that it became really interesting . But, I just felt the guidance to do so, and I allways, allways trust my guidance. So I 'left' for a while...without knowing that I will experience the most profound and simultaniously, the greatest days of my earth life.

I 'observed' and absorbed the energies here on this thread, but also on all other threads as well...I absorbed your energies, and had to face them. What a hard task it was...and it is...but I do not complain.

I asked my 'guides' to explain to me why...why should I do this to me, why me.

Why should I feel like I feel, why should I cry like I've barely cried before in my life? Why? So many tears these day...for what?

As I awoke this morning, I had a strange feeling...something was brewing...I actually received an answer, but I couldn’t accept an answer like this. I...I do not held myself for being ‘humble or noble’ to even think something like that. There was the answer...and I had to swallow hard...was I really destined to absorbe all of your energies here and hold them in ballance for so long, until this issue here get ‘solved’? Was I destined to ease the burden....?

Really and honestly, I dismissed these thoughts. So I went back to the material and I asked you a question, which resulted in that great answer #1422: .

And I cried again. I cry now too, as I understand. For me it is as a revelation, altough I know the real revelation will follow.

I cry, as I see that we are glorious beings, special, precious, loved beyond any measures by our prime creator. What a relief it is to KNOW this. And this is the most important part that I learned from the thuban material dear friend.

I wish that you can understand and feel my feelings right now, you beloved avalonians.

As...I AM ME...I AM ME...I AM ME...and you are all ME too…

So, there in the middle of that post, I read your words about me being the one taking the burden on my shoulders....

Abrax, dear friend, how did you knew the answer I got from my guides, which I still doesn’t want to accept? We know of only one, of our great master Jesus who did this once...and I’m not him. I know that one of my ‘gifts’ is to hold the energies on balance, as I’ve done this so many times before, but I can’t accept this.

And now back to the obligation...of why I had to post here once again.

In the last days, I exchanged a few PM’s with some of the memebrs here. And two of these dear souls, dear freinds, dear sisters had nothing much to say but THANK YOU...thank you for my previous posts on this thread, for the way I presented my thoughts and questions and how helpfull this has been to tem in order to understand the thuban material.

Dear one, may I thank YOU, once again, here in public. Thank you that you trusted me, that you take me the way I am. Thank you from thew deepest corners of my heart. I love you!
And...special thanks to you Lionhawk (you know why) and special thanks to you MyPlanet2 (you also know why).

Abrax, you mentiond that the fight is over. Well for me, it really is. I found my inner piec e once again and I can get back to ‘normal’ once again...but I will never be the same again.

I know now who I am...and no one, really NO ONE can take this knowledge away from me.

My very special thanks once again to you changed my life, for good.

With much love and much respect, truthfully and sincerelly yours

Well my dear brothersister, the old EVIL=LIVE Bard of the Dragons and the Scribe of the Unicorns got a bit emotional too in the last cycle of the Dawn following the Long Night after the Evening.

Dont deny your christening dear twin. Visit the master's handbook and meet Didymos Thomas, the Gemini - the Twin of the Cosmic Mirrorhood.

I'll share the great hidden secret there and a secret which is is not required to be hidden any longer. Then you will understand your christening and twinship to the master himherself.

(13) Jesus said to His disciples : "Compare Me and tell Me whom I am like"
Simon Peter said to Him : "You are like a righteous angel."
Matthew said to Him : "You are like a wise philosopher."
Thomas said to Him : "Master, my mouth is wholly incapable of saying what You are like."
Jesus said : "Your Master, because You have drunk, I am not ; You have become intoxicated from the bubbling spring of living water which I have measured out."

And He took him aside and spoke three words to him. When Thomas came back to his companions, they asked him : "What did Jesus say to You ?" Thomas answered them : "If I tell You one of the words He said to me, You will take up stones and throw them at me and fire will come out of the stones and burn You."

The answer dear malletzky now describes your voluntary exile. You became Thomas Dydimos, Twinbrother of the Living Jesus.

{This event occurred in the timeperiod between May 20th, 32 AD and August 4th, 33 AD and engaged the RESURRECTED EVERLIVING LOGOS of the Universe.}

"He simply said; pointing at himself, then Thomas, then John of Zebedee and then Mary Magdalene, both of whom were standing near Simon Peter a little distance away at their fireplace: 'I am you, you are him and he is her!'"

And for the Marias as the New Eves of the Creation:

(114) Simon Peter said to them : "Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of life."
Jesus said : "Look, I will guide her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit like You males. For every female who will make herself male will enter the Kingdom of Heaven."


So may the next Dydimos Thomas raise hisher hand to learn the 'three secrets'?

Sirebard Beardris

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