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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Anchor View Post
Actually he had to, he often had to speak in parables because the core truth was too much for the average man in his audience. To some extent it was necessary to de-tune the message for wider coverage.

I agree that it is better to speak truth with clarity so far as it is possible.

Many times this means not speaking at all. However, on this forum, there are topic titles that can allow people to ignore that which they dont want to read - and it is for this reason I keep asking people to let it be.

I think abraxasinas has demonstrated accuracy with the bible and I dont see where words are being twisted. I myself tend to restrict myself to the reported "sayings" of Jesus since they appear to me to be the least distorted parts of the bible. Since many of them are wrapped in parable, they were probably deemed by the editors to be so open to debate and inpenetrable, they did not require distortion to support any elitist agenda.

[with no particular focus on you Beren...]

Once again I see many here falling into the same old trap of judging the messenger and not the message.

It also seems as if inpenetrable data seriously offends a few egos - I say tough! Deal with it. Have you considered this is one of the distortions we all need help working through? Data is data.

Two sides of the polarised arguement against this thread - on the one hand there is no such thing as Dragons so Abraxasinas is clearly off his trolley - on the otherhand Dragons are very real and us poor humans need protection by the gallant knights in shining armour and experienced dragon slayers. Which is more preposterous? To me neither. Data is data.

What is not preposterous is that questions and answers to those questions yeild pure DATA. Data can be left or worked with - your/our choice.

Context can manipulate that data - but the assembled masses here are not vulnerable chooks that need protection. We are more on our guard against any potential contextual manipulation and trickery; not that I myself have discerned any yet from the OP and subsequent posts - all I have discerened with every fibre of my own intuition is a desire to deliver information/data in the context of the questions asked.

This Dragon (personae) - is providing answers - so far - in what looks like good faith. On that note, Abraxasinas, I have a few more questions of my own for you :

1) to what extent do dragons have a bearing on the functioning of the elite/dark forces currently attempting to control the evolution of human kind on this planet?

Hi Anchor, thanking you again for your open display of integrity, honour and impartiality - the qualifying criteria of a good moderator.

The Dragon symbol is of uttermost importance to the PTB (your elite/dark forces label).
The PTB functions in a hierarchical manner and where the nestings of control and manipulation are, as many know, in a pyramidal symbology.
A 10 tiered pyramid exemplifies this (say the Mayan structure publisized by Calleman).

1=100-Square of the Populus/Citizen/Voter
2=81-Square of the Local Mayor/Politician/Councillor/Member
3=64-Square of the Minister of State
4=49-Square of the President of a Nation
5=36-Square of the Global Administrator/Banking Empire
6=25-Square of the Ancient Brotherhoods of the Serpent/Illuminati+Luminari
7=16-Square of the Astrality in Order/Human-ET Level1
8=9-Square of the Astrality in Expansion/Human-ET-Level2
9=4-Square of the Astrality in Identity/Human-ET-Level3
10=Capstone of the Dragon

So in a classification of the hierarchies of the PTB such as this; you can easily discern that the 'missing capstone' represents an 'enigma' not only to the human knowledge, which ends here at the 6th level of the pyramid in 4D spacetime as defined by physics and the terrestraial sciences; but also to the ETs interacting with humanity from the astral dimensions (7-dimensional hyperspace or twistorspacetime of rotation technically).

So the Dragon archetype or symbol becomes the common search for the 'illuminated' humans and the ETs alike.

These consciousnesses KNOW that the pyramid is also an Octahedron with the seen pyramid turned upside down like an hourglass.
So then there are two capstones, one 'missing' in the physical manifestation of the 'World-Tree', but of course manifested in the metaphysical-spiritual sense in the reflection of the physical pyramid and so its invisible image.

Metaphysically it is so understood (by the upper levels say 6-9), that the 'missing' capstone is the metaphysical Dragonhood as the powersource for all of the material universe.

The PTB are very well aware about the Nature of God and what God, say as the Prime Creator Energy Source must be to be able to exist.
However they are not aware of how this Invisible Dragonhood can manifest and through this manifestation reconfigure the structure of the universal architecture (a rather primitive attempt to reconfigure the universe is embodied in the Masonic symbology as that of Ptah, the Egyptian creator god).

2) are there good dragons and bad dragons (where good and bad have the meaning of service to the interests of humanity or service to self, not in the interests of humanity).

You could say this in a rather 'childish' way of trying to express the ET-Human interaction of the higher levels.
The polarity 'game' cannot extend past the 5th dimension in external manifestation as it is unified internally in 6D and 7D and becomes contextual in dimensions 8-10.

So the 'good and bad' might as well be termed male and female or minus and plus.
And as you know, in mistranslation of this archetype in the 'middle ages', all women were considered as the 'temptresses of the Devil' and so considered as evil/bad personified.
Things have not changed much and today the polarity 'rules' the evolving human minds - however with a grand destiny awaiting them.
The 'entrapment' in this duality of polarity serves a cosmic purpose, even a necessity.
In concentrating and focusing a PROCESSING of POLARITY facing each other in a 'mental war' COUPLED to physical embodiment; will allow the disembodied ETs of the astrality, as well as the archetypes of the 10-11-12-13 omnispace dimensions to become reconfigured and redefined.

This is simply the LOWEST vibration connecting to the HIGHEST vibration in the metaphysical 'bad' dragon being forced to 'eat' itself in swallowing its own tail.
Heads and Tails - Good and Bad - Man and Woman - Yin and Yang - All One Coin.

3) please re-state the exact relationship between what you call dragon and what you call human.

The PHYSICAL Evolution of modern man from Old World Monkeys so 20 million years ago encompassed the earlier evolvement of the mammalian midbrain from its reptilian brainstem precursor.
About 5 million years ago, the Australopithecine genotype began to fractalise in a normal diversification pattern of terrestrial species (say there are species of giraffes, elephants, tigers and so forth).
This diversification proceeded WITHOUT astral ET interference until about 520,000 years ago, when homo antecessor became a 'common ancestor' for a 'contracted' hominid evolutionary branch leading to homo sapiens sapiens.

You find here the 20 Mayan supercycles of 26,000 years each and so the 7th/13th cycle of about 338,000 years ago witnessed the first genetic interferences of the astral ETs with homo antecessor 'evolving' into homo heidelbergensis (these are commonly accepted antrhropological labelings you can find in the literature).

The 'first' homo sapiens then emerged from this genetic stock about 5 Mayan supercycles later at the 208,000 year marker in the human evolution timeline.
It is here then that the 'legends' of Lemuria and the human-ET interactions begin to enter the akashic records of the human groupmind consciousness and memory.

Here then you have the attempt to 'dragonize' the human evolution by the astral ETs.
The ETs know that their own ancestry and physicalisation is irrevokably BOUND to HYBRIDIZATION of their own astral cosmic IDs with that of this humanoid race of primitive origins in the reptilian brainstem.

The ETs require physical expression, whilst the primitive humanoids require mentality. This then is rigorously defined and modelled in ET science as the omni-science of what MASS is as a static electromagnetic field and allowing the mass parameter to become a reduced form of natural and superconductive 'electricity flow' (not requiring media such as a copper wire or a optical fibre).

Many technical details are found on the linked website.
I have shared some of this here before, but as it causes offence in inferiority /superiority complexes in the psyche of many; I refrain from disseminating details. The ones of you who wish to know more, might engage the thought of attending college classes in Cosmology 101, Physics 101; General Science 101 or similar and THEN ask pertinent questions instead of ridiculing and dismissing things you COULD understand, but fail to do so, because of your unfamiliarities with the semantics and the languages.

And so the 'Dragon-Mind' will be like a 'Dragon-Brain' superposed onto the humanoid cortex finding full expression in homo sapiens sapiens at the beginning of the last and completing Mayan cycle of 25,625 years ago.

The astral ET manipulation so also represents an ET agenda finding their own roots and lineages.
There is more to this and I have and will elucidate more and more details on this as the timeline progresses.
But generally, the so called manipulation of the human genetic code is defined in the aforementioned 'natural electricity', which relates to mindinduction and the capacityu of the human memory complexes to store data.

4) dragon iconography crops up a lot. In the recent video by Bill Ryan one is struck by the number of dragon images in the opening sequence of shots around London, England. Additionally I recently have cosidered that there are the Eastern (I'm thinking about chinese) Dragons who are associated with the power elite - emporers etc - in a more mystical way, and Western Dragons who live in caves and get slaughtered by "heros". Can you elaborate more on the role of the dragon iconography through the human ages? When did it start and why?


Yes, Anchor, the dragon symbology in the London locale is just the manifesto of the PTB of the 5th and 5th level, that of the Brotherhood of the Serpent/Snake and the two archetypes of the Priesthood of Levi and that of Zadok in the Davidic court.
Today, this has translated to the Illuminati of the Sun (Shamballah say) and the Luminari of the Moon (Agartha say).
Much of the information you can find on the web, you tube, David Icke and so forth is very much 'on the mark' and in agreement with the Thuban database. It so is not disinformation - I would comment on anything I consider disinformation, if exposed to this on this forum in the appropriate contexts.

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