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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Anchor View Post
I respect that.

An engine in poor repair does not generate the power expected of it. A mind suffering from years of mind control and dumbing down cannot function to its full potential - its frequency range resistricted - and signals attenuated.

It is a fact that some minds cannot accept certain information until a measure of decluttering, self-work and at this time even healing/repair has been carried out. That is what I mean by the capability of tuning. Only those minds that have been restored to nearer the levels of intended function are capable of tuning to higher conciousness.

A good deal of physical techniques delivered across a wide range of human cultures, have been dedicated at improving the function of the mind. Physical and mental fitness is a common theme amongst the esoteric orders for a reason.

Well Anchor, thanks for relating that to me and I do know what you mean as far as it relates to me personally.

I love you too and always will and that is why I continue to post on this thread and will continue to do so because I do love you and everyone else.
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