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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Anchor View Post
Actually he had to, he often had to speak in parables because the core truth was too much for the average man in his audience. To some extent it was necessary to de-tune the message for wider coverage.

I agree that it is better to speak truth with clarity so far as it is possible.

Many times this means not speaking at all. However, on this forum, there are topic titles that can allow people to ignore that which they dont want to read - and it is for this reason I keep asking people to let it be.

I think abraxasinas has demonstrated accuracy with the bible and I dont see where words are being twisted. I myself tend to restrict myself to the reported "sayings" of Jesus since they appear to me to be the least distorted parts of the bible. Since many of them are wrapped in parable, they were probably deemed by the editors to be so open to debate and inpenetrable, they did not require distortion to support any elitist agenda.

[with no particular focus on you Beren...]

Once again I see many here falling into the same old trap of judging the messenger and not the message.

It also seems as if inpenetrable data seriously offends a few egos - I say tough! Deal with it. Have you considered this is one of the distortions we all need help working through? Data is data.

I disagree with you on few points.

Abraxinas quotes Bible and continues with abstracts explanation which have little or no common sense related to particular verse.
Bible has layers but bear in mind that often what is written means exactly that. Satan (which means adversary) is the one who complicate things in order to confuse and lead astray people to his own aim.
Just remember the scene from Eden; God said do not eat for you will die...Satan comes and says;" Really? Is it that ,that God actually said-no he knows that...lalalalal..." Twisting and complicating simple things and statements. That is a sign of a mind which is cunning. Also that kind of mind lures in people who naturally have tendency of abstract thought and like mental challenges so they fall as easy prey.Bear in mind that no matter that we are to inherit the kingdom and be rulers in universe ,as Bible says to humans ,we are not there yet. And Satan knows this ,being a spiritual being far older than we.He knows tricks and ways to deceive.
Never forget that.
Abraxinas goes away ,far away with explanation.

You stated that Jesus spoke in parables to de tune understanding, that was my point too.
Where you find clarity in Abrax posts?
Where does he really try to explain things?
His replies drags questioner deeper down in confusion plus he tend to contradict himself.

This is a distortion as you said. Saying "don`t judge the messenger" is passe in this case.
He claims that he represent in essential a high order of Dragons.
I am offended since he in order to win some here lies constantly.
What exactly have in common truth and a lie?
He essentially says that white is black and black is white.
When asked a simple question he slippery whines off. Into complicated equations ,rants,long posts in different colours,which in order to be seen makes you switching from electric to minty all the time,so poor people quit in half of his answer here...Who does that? What does he hide ,why is he afraid to stand in the light? Oh-light shows all...What kind of cunning person you must be to think even about this small tiny details in responses in order to more confuse and burden people,so that they will quit reading and finally think :"well he must be right ,look at all this intellectual post here...!" ?
That do not pass with me.It has a name - weasel.

He partially quotes the Bible ,whatever soothes him.
But the very Bible says that Dragon ,that ancient serpent will be destroyed.
Very Jesus for which he claims that actually is higher Dragon will destroy the Dragon and all of its kind.

I am not and will not be one with the kind that killed and still kills humans.

Every human should ask himself that question.
Are you one with Dragon kind or human kind?

There is no peace and love between those who raped,killed,lied,deceived humans through out history -and us.

And if all this is a game for them, well count me off your bloody games Dragon & crew...


I will finish with this, what ever Dragon knows about all,from technology,ascension and whatever- it is a lesser knowledge.
You feel when you read his answers,a cold blooded ,calculated persona.
You don`t feel love,compassion,humbleness.

What does that tell you in the first place?
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