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Default Re: Keep Avalon as it is warts and all poll

Originally Posted by Swanny View Post
Seems a bit daft locking a thread where we are talking about the forum change

Might well be 6000+ members but not all of them use the forum, others can't be ar$ed to vote so 123 votes sounds pretty good to me
Swanny... that is exactly right! The thread are you having a laugh was locked. And hardly any of the concerns addressed!!! Is it even worth asking why it was locked? Might just drive ya nuts!

Now I don't want Bill Ryan to think that I am an un-constructive poster here and not send me an invitation to avalon 2 but there are some obvious concerns that are just going unheard and un-addressed.

Anyway... it is what it is.

Best Wishes to you all. Just carry on...because you already are!


Have a great day JT!
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