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Originally Posted by ayadew View Post
There is no cross to bear, there is only love. It's all you and I ever needed to do.
He bore the Cross - as it was to heavy for Man to bear
His reward Ressurection in Spirit
The Cross a Rip across I - Ego torn asunder
Releasing pure Spirit Immanent in All and Transcendent beyond All
Same as silent Sages and not in the news Masters
No more exclusive Soul Mind or Matter to encase and carry Him against His Will
No more Birth but Eternal - No more Karma but Grace - No more Effort but Resolve

He is pure Spirit Love Truth Beauty Residing and Aspiring in All Hearts
Love you feel and speak of is an Emanation of Him
Truth you tell and adhere to is a Principle of Him
Beauty you cherish and adore is a Brilliance of Him
Life you live is in effect because of Him

Spirit Resurrect - Him - Christ Consciousness

The Taoists call It Tao - The Jews YHWH - The Hindu Krishna Brahman -Buddhists Zen - Islam Allah - Native Americans Name It Manitu

All people all over the world Speak of It according to their language culture mentality - It is the Same but in Name of the Constant Source Support of Everything

Soo love is good and great and all you need and fine - but its not so hard to mistake that love for emotion lust affection i love you if you love me

Love is Living Force capable to stop a raging charging elephant as did Buddha
Love is Unconditional Forgiving as did Jesus on the Cross
Love is the Heart of hearts - little hearts dip into Heart and take what they can tolerate unless they overflow and burst
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