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Thanks RedeZra, if you and other are available, it is wished this contemplation live through like a bird expanded its wings and flew off to the vast vault of heaven…

Layer 14:

Man has the capacity to raise his awareness to higher consciousness and ultimately merge with Creative God Consciousness

Part One: some subjective thinking

Each individual as a state of being with their unique perspective that spoke an inimitable perception which transmits different reality or partial of Truth through their confined awareness and its ordinary verbal speech, is in an expansive and enduring attempt, and once come through a milestone, the desire to raise awareness to consciousness in its full capacity incrementally to formulate its intentions (felt inside as butterflies) that precipitate into practical actions (contemplate attempts for ending the separation). All in displays are direct expression of the will of expansive creation in one’s potentiality the desire to be unified with its Essence.

Here and the below in movement is founded on an idea of each mind has unique perspective and spoke within its verbal speech as partial of true. Just as one’s creativity is a vehicle carrying one to vast open sea of wisdom, there is no need to verify and validate if one’s words is worthy of reading. It is one’s intent to express life and manifest thought in thinking that counts. The grace of creativity is its communicative and generous, any prototype or template or pattern what considered worthy of imitation proceed from or taking place anywhere else but a person's integrated mind is the ‘tricks’ of causing uncertainty. One’s heightened sensitivity and receptivity direct to one’s Source is the key for inner peace. To think freely, required one to make attempts whether it is to ask a question or to proposal an idea, or both, so It can come appear to surface and to be put rest at core.

Part two: some subjective attempts:

‘Set yourself free on behalf of God’ he said. The next day the another put it into a response: surrender yourself to faith not to death.

Now, We collectively think how to explore into consciousness with its full capacity? Will it be a myth, a possibility, probability or freewill in resolve?

> At freewill level: Accept God creation, God faith, 3D holographic reality and its intelligent designs as new concepts birth into green thought so the eyes can see the world beyond and not to be confined by ‘but, but, but’. Including acceptance of the transient physical death vs perpetual live as the ultimate true. [to live life with faith. the biggest risk of all is not to take any risk.]

> Transcend 3D emotional charges: to shed off legacy, meditation is rooted in longitudinal understanding of emotional conflicts. Every uneasy feeling connects to a root, for instance, feeling sadness when contemplate looming global disaster. The root? It is possible for one’s unwitting belief ‘the highest fear of all is the death of men's own life’, kind of separating the ultimate reality to one’s wishful thinking. All lives on 3D plane are mortal in decades, in years, in days, in this moment! Conflicts cannot make itself disappeared until it is analyzed, stimulated and clarified by one’s own language. Or simply let it flow through you while firmly holding your version of a desirable outcome to be a love-spending star of bliss consciousness. Your bless to all lives for its eternity! [To live life centered at Now awareness]

> Transcend the flat, homogenized view of the universe into understanding the cosmic true of our physical and spiritual universe with its parameters and orders. [To live life in pursue of knowledge and creative thinking and to appreciate its beauty. Life is beauty itself, you are the beauty]

> Transcend wordy true of phenomenal ‘facts’, conspiracy ‘theories’, unclarified declarations. So your thought can be able to function fluidly, and your intent can manifest your desired outcome, and your integrated mind in its terse and vigorous style will be able bring It out to the surface, to the point, to your priority, to your true love to humanity.

> For those scatters are climbing on mountains, sailing over oceans, or soaring over to fountains of highlands, don’t have a home that stops them with magic hedge...They renounce any existence as weight and to be healed on hope’s enduring consummation... Their patience will manifest a new Home that never decay... and put an end to the separation...there come, begin their imagination.

… more to add, it is your creative thinking that never end…

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