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Great posts!

Some thing to contemplate with:

Layer 3:
There cannot be no person that is Self-realized.
-Nisargadatta Maharaj

> What the answer actually precedes its statement:
Mind Moon and Mirrors do not shine - they reflect the Illumination
Would it mean: It is through Men, Creation itself achieves its self-actualization? One can not miss another.

Layer 12:
...simple saving power...Name of God...

> The desire for liberating the thought from emotional baggage that attached with the idea of mass disaster and destruction might naturally accompany with the mind playing tricks in searching for its individual and collective identity individual level, it might sound as a final exoneration, then swing to another collective level as a philosophical outcry of injustice ...put it plainly: for All your immitigable circumstances as conscious beings with heavy complex of habitual patterns of thought and feelings that cling to the 3D, it is subtle to comprehend 'for the needs of knowing every outcome, men should collectively fit into, in serving a Vast Now Projecting All, collectively to accept their ultimate ‘End’.

Nonetheless, as one heard it 'I separated Myself from Myself so I could Love Myself ', one might sense the storyboard itself is created for a purpose of solving conflicts between two extreme creativities- every beginning vs its end, and how one fit into it by contemplation in this way or that way:

A. That the conflicts raising from emotional baggage inherited through all life experience of 3D are not problems to be solved but rather the symptoms of existing intelligent designs that intent to ground one at his base with all his mobility. One can not be liberated if one perceives the greatest obstacle of life is to leave the life itself. The designs might score men the highest fear of all to the death of men's own life often indoctrinated with the implication of an End is All the End. If one see himself an unbound captive, one might bring himself the true of his freedom to surface is to surrender to death itself and its associated emotional baggage that chain every life into dull routines... and to accept a teaching of 'I could love myself' with beginning at attempts of contemplation the possibility of threw off the chains of slavery by one's surrender to death...say it loud “free at last, fear no more!!’

B As it is said 'Consciousness is aware as a Silent Witness in Mans mind world' , so, as long as men tangled up with It, men are reflecting Its illumination and fulfilling the Its dreams. So can we say: any destruction to men is equal to a termination of creativity of the vast consciousness itself? There cannot be paradoxical creation as one contemplate it was said 'And when His Long Day comes to an End He sleeps Absolute Unpersonal Consciousness - Then Another Morning lol' . So, the pathways that might lead to multiple Exits actually look like: temporary exoneration or Morning after a long dark night, or Both! The future is only Hope!

Be still! Centered and grounded with calm in harmony will be our simple saving power! The strength is always from within starting from understanding designs.

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