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Originally Posted by RedeZra View Post
I think it means ego mind personality dissolves in That - one has become I Am

Here is some words from the Thus Gone One Nisargadatta Maharaj about I Am...

Yes I believe in both at the same time the Immanence Aspect of God and the Trancendence Aspect of God - God as the Essence and Aspiration in Everything Ever - So our Essence is God and also our Aspiration to be good righteous and Godlike is God - But we cannot limit Limitless God - He can visit in Dreams Speak through Sages and Appear externally to Man - He is Capable to Project Himself in any space time and form

Right the Self-Governing Automatic Aspect of the Universe and still Overseen by Him - Natural Laws - Karma Reap what you Sow - Reincarnation - Free Will do what you wish and reap the Natural Consequences - Abundance of Grace if we but ask - And rest assured if Man wills something God wills not it wont happen and if God wills someting Man wills not it will still happen

Yes something like if God said ... I separated Myself from Myself so I could Love Myself and I Hid Myself from Myself so I would long to find Myself

Only One in a Vast Now Projecting All - Immense Creativity - Sport and Play - And when His Long Day comes to an End He sleeps Absolute Unpersonal Consciousness - Then Another Morning lol

Thanks for that RedeZra, most interesting and informative. I feel the answers to life questions lie within which means I have to become just one with myself and this links directly to God. Thank God(no pun intended) for sites like this - a great spiritual tool! Everything you have written here made sense to me this morning! God has answered these questions (through you). Thank you RedeZra.

P.S. (Perhaps God should join the forum)
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