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This is an interesting thread which i feel will grow into large numbers.

My ideas about God have changed continuously has I`ve aged through life. First, yes God exists and it is through us all or rather we are all an equal aspect of this creator. We have free will and i feel this is an aspect that governs this universe - thus all can do as they wish. In our universe good and bad can happen because of this free will - so dont blame Mr God when it rains and ruins your best shirt.

There is a paradox surounding the creator centering upon its own creation. Renowned RVs talk of seeing God alone at the beginning and creating energy with aim to feel loved and not alone. This led God to a fruitless conclusion for knowing every out come and so he/she created a free will membrane of itself.

The scary problem with this is the fact that to exist means something has produced you in the first place. How does God fit into this? There is always a beginning and an end - so where the heck does God come from?

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