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Originally Posted by Gilgamesh View Post
God is pure consciousness. Everything there is, is consciousness made manifest so that it can become aware of itself.
Yes Advaita Vedanta says The Absolute Reality is like a Vast Unpersonal Ocean of Pure Free Blissful Consciousness - Somehow God Nature and Man came to be tangled up in It - Universes are like big complex bubbles in the Sea of Absolute Consciousness - Its mysterious how Unpersonal Absolute Consciousness gave rise to the Most High Personal God and the Act of Projection forth the Universe and Everything in It - It would be nice to think of this Act of Projection as a Result of this Cause - I seperated Myself from Myself so I could Love Myself - So what is the difference between God Universe and Man - What is the difference between the sea and the waves foams and bubbles - Essentially no difference - Both are water - They only appear different - Burst the Bobble and It will find Itself the whole Ocean

This difference between God and Man - Essentially no difference - A Real unreal difference but nevertheless an Apparant difference from the mind bobbles point of view - But God as the Whole Sea is Aware Its also All the mind bobbles

Originally Posted by Gilgamesh View Post
In the process, consciousness creates. The more it creates, the more it becomes self aware, (trought you, through me, through rocks and birds, angels and demons, black holes and galaxies). The more it becomes self aware, the more it creates. And this goes on forever.
Yes This Consciousness - This Essence in All - This Everything That Exsists - I Am That I Am - It dont need Its Projection but now we are here lol

Consciousness is Merged with Itself in the Self Realized
Consciousness is Actively Acting in the Saints
Consciousness is aware as a Silent Witness in Mans mind world
Consciousness is awake in the Animal Kingom
Consciousness is dreaming in the Vegetable Kingdom
Consciousness is sleeping in the Mineral Kingdom

Originally Posted by Gilgamesh View Post
God is perfecting itself. God is not perfect nor will it ever be. If it were, everything would cease to exists. Including God. But then, who would know?
Interesting but The Absolute Unpersonal Consciousness Reality Is as It Is Everywhere Ever - Maybe the Personal God Consciousness is perfecting Itself - but then again It would be the Most High Authority on Everything and De Facto Infallible in Every Aspect ...even from standard of smart men lol

Mind Moon and Mirrors do not shine - they reflect the Illumination

Personal entity and enlightenment cannot go together.
There cannot be no person that is Self-realized.
-Nisargadatta Maharaj

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