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Default Re: walking in two worlds simultaneously/split awareness!

Originally Posted by china2012 View Post
Hmmm, more lonely thread...
Anyway, just a try, hope no too much lost in translation:

Layer#2-1: Observing oneself, is done most times in dreams by the way.To do this consciously defies order:

>In order to see, the ego mind must be turned off and cannot offer resistance or interfere to the intuitive mind which often insightful.


>All realms of reality has its logical purposes and its charming camouflages. Grieving in loneliness cannot help rather a sense of unsubdued humor.

LY#5: ...biggest principal is how light and darkness make their expressions in this reality...

>Reality with its dichotomy of the one and the many works seamlessly. Half of the disk is illuminated, and on the another half shall we not find in comforts of the Darkness? as they are the One?

LY#6: ...As the christian's say your body is your temple.

> what about is a XML template? you might not change the Style format, but certainly you can modify its Tag that defines its content.

LY#8: ....It seems thou we or many believe that such a function is our's to harness, and use, once again, it is like looking at a waterfall for the 1st time, and just marveling at it, not knowing how it works, not understanding what it is we are seeing...

> It seems the design of reality itself perpetrating effects. Law of MAN cannot precede unless the Law of Everything was superseded. Most of the earthling do not believe incarnation and ET stuff , they think we are from madhouse, if try to approach, they cover their nose and we are flies... So what about that, men was designed along with their formidable reality in disguise? The Law of Everything might offer us a sympathetic glance, but most of us might not. It is men's purity that defy, not their guilt.

LY#9: delicate yet perfect... No I do not understand it.. Sorry.. But I understand it is there... Prob. watching us as well.

> Perhaps the big boss is watching and shaking head, oops! he drops his cup of tea! he contemplates: similarity might be getting those curious minds bored, next time try something new, a masquerade...?

LY#12: ...These "things" are not a "law", they are part of consciousness expressing itself ?? Just seems like they are there to throw monkey wrenches...

> After dinner today I had a walk and contemplated the matter: if it is spirit expressing itself, never stops contemplating, growing, learning, evolving, expanding, expressing etc...why human reality defies a desirable development for All ( all is emphasised)? and why there are more redundance of suffering than spiritual Opportunities for all ( opportunity is emphasised)? It seems chaotic force is desired in every generation existence which makes life scenario an ever downward spiral into conflicts (adulthood is full of these) and stagnations (older is less 'nimble')... can the perfection of soul rises from conflicts rather positive loving experience? most of the besieged are not be able to interpret Love in its true meaning, then where is the efficiency of this 'intelligent design'? My very frugal knowledge cannot dive into the matter, its pain racks.
Getting caught up in the webs of reality, is its greatest defense mechanism, which more then always prevents seeing the truth. Unfortunately our eyes can only reflect light which gives us the perceptions of this reality in which we think we are translating the truth of things, even to the point of acting upon such a belief since it is by far, what we see and perceive. Whether it be a illusion or a facade creating a barricade around what it is we are swimming in. Point and case, reaching to my deepest understandings, I feel the mechanics that create the weather, the revolution, comets, other planets follow a systematic progression a form of order, now not superseding nor excluding the unknown in equation since after further regressions I see chaotic elements in the simplest formats. Sure I can shut down begin meditation and drift off into the depth my mind with my eyes shut and visualize myself in place within my, mind yet functioning daily events utilizing my mind to control functions I feel I could be outside looking in for instance. Yet impossible, yet logic, law and order of things in this reality from the surface of earth to the system of our solar system, to the outer reaches of our Universe where the truth of things are, reveal no such lack of control or a duality of such a format of energy. Sometimes I believe we are like flees on the backs of dogs..
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