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Default Re: walking in two worlds simultaneously/split awareness!

this is what confuses me most...

Which tells me their is a chaotic force, even in science, or let me state their are things that exist to break these laws. for instance, look at the human body, we are healthy until we get a disease. Just keep it simple there.. their are things in existence to throw monkey wrenches in balance.. What concerns me if it is true for the body can it be true for our reality we live in as well? I might be trying to make things complicated but if everything should follows laws to exist, what about the things that live just to break those laws? Humans use their minds to solve these problems, so therefore if we are intelligent enough to battle such things would'nt our reality have a intelligent design as well? for such perfection would not just be. it would have to have been evolved, to be part of something or everything for that matter, so it can exist, and obviously its existence is desired. Yet the question lies in what would want to destroy that?
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