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Default Re: walking in two worlds simultaneously/split awareness!

simple cause and effect here about laws.

For instance lets look at the World's economy.

Credit for example what is the law their. you barrow you pay back. Light and darkness. etc. etc.

Now when something in that law is not followed what happens...

well. Something breaks. In order to keep laws functioning properly other laws must be in place as well, all equal in value. If one of those things do not function or function incorrectly, you have a broken system. Now Man can break his own systems at will, or however it may be, accidental, or from greed or whatever, but the Cosmic system, cannot change by man's admiration or greed, or whatever, which theirfore creates the laws of our reality we live in. This is not ours, we may wish it to be, but it is not. It seems thou we or many believe that such a function is our's to harness, and use, once again, it is like looking at a waterfall for the 1st time, and just marveling at it, not knowing how it works, not understanding what it is we are seeing, yet understanding its beauty. Yet it is that underlining belligerences of man that would want to try to be able to make such a marvel.. This is what gave us our beginning, and at the same time it will give us ou end as well.. For some reason, for what derived instinct lies beneath it is our imagination with the combination of these strange instincts that drive us to the beginning and end of ourselves.. It is a odd yet strange paradox.. It is the law of MAN, I presume..

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