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Default Re: walking in two worlds simultaneously/split awareness!

Originally Posted by Xhaosis View Post
continue.. Yet give a little more order to the point... Please...

Observing oneself, is done most times in dreams by the way. To do this consciously defies order. Even if chaos is the reality, their is order, and order within the core or tightest most coils of the chaotic equation would not function properly. More or less things would break to try to break the laws. Or you will just get frustrated trying to do something you can't. Like fly... or something... remember.. REALITY HAS LAWS.... Their will be no re witting these laws... So we can do so.. The power of our minds... Are not necessarily limitless.. Lets not forget mathematics. Logic yet simple in form can break down even the most complex. Not matter how Complex or unbelievable it is.. No matter how UNBELIEVABLE IT IS..
Great words...

What are the laws?

I think I know, do you?
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