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Default Re: Do you think frequency devices hinder ascension?

hmmm, so do you think these machines can heal someone with Cerebral Palsy? If they can't, than all they are doing is just listening to I right? Interesting thou, i look more into it.

What if the people do not know they are being manipulated, or know they actually have a choice in accepting the negative or positive, after all the masses were not brought up that way. People here were liberated at one point, what about the others, especially the ones who truely can assist and really make a difference in the new world? Peolpe need a chance before choice...they need to know what they're dealing with first.

Prince (the singer) once said he noticed every time there was a chem. trail spraying, people will end up fighting or become very stressed out. It’s been said that there is barium salt in these spraying. I can only think of 2 reasons why they will be spraying metal dust. They are either blocking out the sun rays(reflecting), preventing us from receiving DNA activation energy from the Sun, or creating a more efficient conductive atmosphere for sending signals and to better manipulate the waves in the air.

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