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Default Re: The Bees Have It!

Originally Posted by sammytray View Post
careful what you wish for bzzz
bees however hold the "key"
And I just happened to be eating some when I clicked on this thread

“Veiled in this fragile filigree of wax is the essence of sunshine, golden and limpid, tasting of grassy meadows, mountain wildflowers, lavishly blooming orange trees, or scrubby desert weeds. Honey, even more than wine, is a reflection of place. If the process of grape to glass is alchemy, then the trail from blossom to bottle is one of reflection. The nectar collected by the bee is the spirit and sap of the plant, its sweetest juice. Honey is the flower transmuted, its scent and beauty transformed into aroma and taste.” -Quoted from Honey from flower to table by Stephanie Rosenbaum, 2002, Chronicle Books, LLC, Introduction, page 10.

May I also suggest to those that are able to face the sun either sun rise or sun set and just let yourself breathe without thinking about it, feel how your body wants to breathe. The energy from the sun can more easily enter when you breathe from the heart, without all those thoughts getting in the way.

-Love and Light-
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