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I will make this statement for the record. Might be a short lived one since all this will be archived anyways.


I have never done a healing on someone without the permission to do so. Never! That would also include you Susan. And if you would do the proper thing with yourself as to verifying what I have stated, the Grandfather and the Grandmother are the ones that may know of what I am speaking of here. Also other forum members were deeply concerned on your behalf and only wanted your well being intact. I gave freely upon this request and went through some extreme measures on your behalf. It has come to my awareness that one of your beings in your pool has not been at all happy about your own well being and has shown it's twisted comments since. The third personage was also happy to see me and remember she was asking me of something? She was trying to warn me Susan of that personage within you that doesn't care about your well being. This other personage doesn't even realize that Serafina is blue and not the one who has drawn your breathe.

And all that has happened since is just a series of chaotic postings that haven't shine any true love and light onto this world. I'm not your problem or have been your enemy but the paint brush sure seems to work in that direction. My intentions were of an absolute pure heart and that is where I stand. You were also probably one of the most complicated of all the healing sessions I have encountered because of your 3 matrices I also didn't do anything that would take away from the "YOU" in those sessions.

A true healer doesn't do that and everything I have so far stated can be validated if you go and find out from your lighted sources. I strongly suggest that you at least do that before another twisted word is said. Why would I risk having my authority to be diminished. I wouldn't! And why you are at it, why was I chosen to do this in the first place? I'll give you the answer. It is because of the matrix you don't have that I do have, plain and simple. Even your own matrices couldn't heal you from the attack you endured because what attacked you was to aligned with the polarity you are also involved with, even though of an opposite nature, but in the same frequency bandwidth. Until you clear this matter for yourself in the sincerity that I have presented, the exchange between you and me will have been wasted for nothing. It is your choice and I know I stand where I stand and no one is going to move, remove me from my stand. Even the ones behind the attack I endured 2 weeks ago. And if it happens again, I will still be here standing. You all are going to have to get some planetary type killer guns the next time. I also can't wait for that day when it is tried again because I have a big surprise in the waiting.

I did what I did for all the right reasons and every precaution was taken to insure your benefit was for your benefit. As far as the exchange goes, all I have received is a bunch of grief and pain for my efforts. I don't hold grudges, so just forgive yourself. But I will also remember this exchange and I have no further plans on doing it again. It wasn't worth it. So the Doctor's office is now officially closed. I will only assist with family and when this type of energy gets unleashed again, the mockers can do the healing the next time around. All I can say is thanks for the lessons. And for the mockers who haven't taken the red pill, and this might sound egotistical, but don't bother calling me when it happens.


Not a problem anymore. I see clearly now. I have more important things to concern myself with as I am sure you do to. Just stay out of the mists.

As of right now, I am going to terminate all further discussions as to my issues that I have tried to get addressed because it has taken way to much energy from the important things that are really dear to me. All the issues here at this forum are all yours. Thanks to those who supported those efforts. I am very grateful that some other people care even though a monster was created and nothing was answered in the way that I had hoped. At the end of the day I know who I can trust and who I can't.

Blessings to all.
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