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Default Re: Questions?

Sorry Lionhawk, we typed your name instead of tango's by error,
than, Brook captilised, on it,
by capturing 'our error' and, posting something else
to the the 15 sec, it took us, to correct
the tango/lionhawk 'faux pax' or 'error"

also, we were mad, about all the people
who think, they can do healing on other people
without their permission, and, wished also that would stop

also, we were having a 4% moment
and, we are sincerely sorry, that we typed your name,
instead of tango's name

so, mr. Lionhawk -we are sorry

NEVER-the-less, we did have a personal issue with you,
and, should NOT have taken that to the board
but discussed it with you privately~we are sorry

we think a lot of you - along with all your skills etc.,
and, after reading quite a few emails that went between the two of us
losing you, as a friend, would be sinful

or, 15 sec typo error, did cause a lot of grief
and, then your post - somewhere back on this thread
had Brook taking that information, and, pasting it into
every thread she could find

We are sorry, and, we hope you forgive us.
We think, you are likely one of the most genuine,
and, honest people on PA/PC
and, a very good healer, etc., to boot

please forgive us

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