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Default Re: The Shape of Things to Come (2010/2011) - Issue Four

Originally Posted by Shikasta View Post
Mel, I look forward to hearing clif on your show soon. I really appreciate the quality of the interviews you do, it is a breath of fresh air after listening to some other interview styles, particularly hosts that constantly talk over the top of guests!! It gets very hard to listen to.

Mel, you ask frank questions without being rude & aggressive. I hope other interviewers will take note...but I doubt it somehow!!

I hope clif makes himself available but, after reading George Ure's blog I wonder if clif has had a rethink about the possible self-fulfilling effects of his exposure in the media. Time will tell, in more ways than one.

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I think that you will find that from the web bots are excluded references to the halfpasthuman's work as this could create a loop which could corrupt the data in question . (It makes sense because I know that positive loops tend to oscillate in electronics and probably in data gathering ) . So loops have to filtered out .
Again from a glance of the first few pages of the new report it is stressed the fact that the PTB will not give up without a fight that's my interpretation . According to Cliff the current crisis has a technical solution but the PTB are blocking the way .
I am looking forward to reading the rest ...
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