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Default Re: Abraxas was banned and his group is closed

Originally Posted by Jonah View Post
You are correct Celine...

which is why i suspect that people do not understand what it truly means...

hence my ? to lionhawk...

are we to continue our wall building or shall we agree to disagree... and then walk around the give eachother a big f'ing hug ?

Answer for you and Agape is next;
As things look so far, NO.


First of all, let me tell you a little something.

In all his wisdom Creator has created. We for sure do not know what and when. We see just particles of creation.
But when a race of beings come with a desire to rule over human kind, how do you call that?


They came who knows when in the past ,with will to dominate all life forms here. Some were eating us some were satisfying with us being mere slaves.
But the real enemy is not some creature of reptilian background.
It is the ones who stands behind them.
Very beings that are here from the dawn of time.

Beings that once were of light and love.
They chose to think that they are smarter than Creator. They openly rebelled and declared that THEY are in knowing what is good and what is bad.

Creator allowed their claim to be put on test.

They failed.

But their pride became huge as some galaxies are huge.
Their light became darkness and their love -hatred.

Since they are spirits they moved from original place and sprang all over universe with terrible desire to rule,govern,impose things.
They devoured many places in universe that we are not even aware of.

Since they are not physical they were and still are wreaking havoc across the vastness of the universe. They can enter in physical body and control it. Poor creature would not know what is happening.

As time was passing by and they being away of light of Creator their minds grew evil completely. Many chose forms of serpent kind and remained still in that form. Having vast power they arranged various experiments and now you have Dragons and others intelligent beings fully led by evil spirits.

Who knows what they did to that poor old reptilian kind in the begging of their rants.Why they chose reptilians ,I do not know. But the fact is that in that form they were hurting us the most.

I know whom they are and some here know too.
Many do not know but think they know.

Their favorite tactic is to veil you so that your pride and ego stops you thinking more than they would like you to.
If you overcome that level, the they use fear.
Next level are physical attacks on various kind,
they cleverly choose how to present themselves to each one is is being under attack.

Mind you ,they are very old,they know a lot of tricks. They developed a lot of technology that you are not aware of.

But key thing that they miss is love. Love is THE force of Creator.
Since they denounced Creator ,they self consciously, stepped away from grace.

Now Creator always gives hand and wish to forgive and bless, but it is up to each person to do their part of humbleness and asking for forgiveness.

Those spirits are consumed by their pride.
If they continue in that ,there are no future for them.

But now, here lies the trick.

This is not about them, it is about us,since they made their choices.

1.What are our choices?

2.Do you wish to become a dragon kind or do you wish to grow as human-an image of Creator?

Choose wisely.
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