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Default Re: Abraxas was banned and his group is closed

I know this is not going to make me popular but, it is not about evil, it is about unruly behaviour which is not acceptable. If we are to succed in having comunities that work we have to first be able to foster self-respect and mutual respect

Not having boundaries and letting the ones that are the most forceful get away with it helps no one, they don't get it and we get victimized then we have a war

SELF-CONTAINMENT: Taking personal responsibility for, and realizing that at all times, you are accountable for DIRECTING PERSONAL ENERGIES. There is no one or no thing that "upsets you" and thus justifies or validates ANY personal spiritual misuse of reaction, idea, intention or action. It is YOU who "upsets yourself" by allowing the emotional body to follow misperceptions of the mental body that tell you that your power lies outside of yourself. At any given moment, you can CHOOSE which words, associations and ideas you will use as the filters through which you interpret an event. "UPSET," "MAD," HURT" or any other category of labeling (conscious or subconscious) are all MENTAL BODY FILTERS that direct emotional and physical body function. The self contained individual recognizes that at all times, the freedom of interpretation exists, and thus a "negative" experience and its associated dis-harmonic energies of "upset" feelings can only exist as a personal interpretation of events. Accepting any less responsibility for the direction of personal energies will place you directly into the Victim-Victimizer "Blame Game," which can only take place among people who are placing their personal power and responsibility for manifestation onto externalized sources. Only you have the power to "upset yourself." Regardless of what others say or do, you are fully entitled to your own interpretation. No one or thing has the power to upset you unless you give this power away. Self containment comes when one recognizes that the direction of personal energies, whether physical, emotional, mental (ideas, beliefs, labels, interpretations), conscious or subconscious is an attainable level of personal mastery and exists as an implied responsibility that comes with the gift of free will choice. The more responsible you become, the greater freedom and personal empowerment you will know.

SELF-DISCIPLINE: Accepting responsibility for directing personal energies toward, rather than in opposition to, the outcomes you desire to experience. The physical, mental and emotional bodies have long been directed by the subconscious forces of the hidden "shadow," creating within us urges, reactions, thoughts, impulses, perceptions and feelings that often work counter to the life creations we desire to manifest. Part of spiritual mastery entails teaching ourselves to be consciously diligent in observing our own minds, emotions and physical body-talk, so that we may employ conscious redirection of subconscious shadow energies that run on "auto-pilot." If we learn to "catch ourselves" when "negative" thought patterns or emotions run through us, we can use that moment of recognition to reclaim this errant energy and consciously use the power of affirmative attitude, remedial word choice and direct energy re-direction to direct opposing energies of the Self into fulfillment of desired constructive, spiritually mature creations. It takes self discipline to become the "Lion Tamer" of the often roaring subconscious mind, but we do have the intrinsic power to help our subconscious shadow to evolve through loving but firm redirection, into a "cuddly lap cat" that will gladly join us in our constructive co-creations. Self-discipline emerges when we consistently remind ourselves to employ the "Spiritually Correct" thought, action or attitude, even if we don't "feel like it" when the shadow sneaks up from "down under." The shadow parts of Self surface so that we may see these parts of Self come to the conscious mind for healing. Through this process, the conscious mind itself can learn greater attributes of mastery.

This is from the 12 responsibilities of mastery, copyright Ashayana Deane

I personally found this ones very liberating and I believe they can resolve any conflict if applied by all parties involved

There is always a higher solution if people is willing but is there will?

Love to all
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