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Default Re: Abraxas was banned and his group is closed

Originally Posted by Lionhawk View Post
Same thing could be said of Anchor. You know the guy that when he emailed you or posted something behind your posts, he would always leave you with that RAM IT HOME feeling. Everyone following so far? Where did that Anchor go? Here comes this ABrax and the next thing you know, Anchor is no longer a MOd.
I am still here, I am still me.

I am not a mod anymore because I don't support the new dynamic behind the scenes in Avalon.

That includes Bill and Kerry's public spats/Kinsuemei2 ban/Abraxasinas ban/unban/ban/thread close/thread open/thread close and the obvious to me associated changes in MO expected of the moderators by the now singular owner. [Ban this person, ban that person, get them off the forum, they dont belong here etc]. These changes will be soon clearer to everyone in the new Avalon2, but HIDDENFOOT didn't seem to know that - and I don't care about it. They certainly became clearer in the treatement of the Abraxasinas situation. I do not want to elaborate my feelings further - because things can change and they can get better - but I had enough of it and bailed.

RAM IT HOME ? Perhaps that was just something that came with the Red badge, if true, then perhaps its best gone.

If the above reveals me to be compromised, then so it is. Judge for yourselves.

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