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Default Re: Abraxas was banned and his group is closed

Originally Posted by mntruthseeker View Post
I want to thank you Anchor for posting this

You made me look at Fear. I had written something down a few years back and I had to go dig it back up after reading all that you put.

Here it is

“If you allow yourself to release fear and judgment of all things
(which is truly only an expression of fear)
You eliminate the illusion of separation.
All things are one.
To separate any one thing from another
Is to place a judgment upon it.

Judgments = resistance
Resistance = fear
Fear = limitation and separation “

Lauren Zimmerman

Even though I got over any fear I might of felt, I still felt that I was better leaving the thuban personally.

I do not have the right to judge Abrax nor do I want to. In a way I felt I was defending my own right to have the feelings I had against those that didnt.

Everyone is judging the next person when none of us are right.

I'm really sorry for offending anyone. Abrax has every right to his own belief
same as the rest of us. I never wanted to see his thread closed.

I never like to see anyone banned. If we ban one for speaking out then the next one and the next one.......soon no one can speak
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