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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Firstlook View Post
Thank you Abrax. Like you at the moment, I am a messenger.

I want to ask about the idea that certain knowledge is seeded within psychedelics that are sent to planets to help with understandings about ourselves and the nature of reality. What is your knowledge of this theory, that civilizations encode the chemicals and plant them into different planets? If this is true, what races have done this?

Hi Firstlook!

The universe is electromagnetically about 19.14 billion years old, but appears to be about 13.8 bilion years old inertially.
This is because electromagnetically, the universe is always oscillating at lightspeed, but expands at less than lightspeed in its matter content.

The local galaxy crystallized as one of the oldest galaxis at a cosmological redshift of z=1.19 so 4 billion years after creation and so 15 billion years ago electromagnetically and so 8.4 billion years ago inertially.

The local starsystem crystallized about 4.6 billion years ago, with the earth created shortly (about 40 million years) thereafter.

The 16.876 billion year coordinate is rather important, as it mirrors the Gaian evolution in the PRESENT objectivity in its NODAL IMAGE crystallization.

So the (electromagnetic) Age of the Universe minus the Nodal Age, will give you the IMAGE EARTH in blueprint AND the OBJECT materialised EARTH as the average value between a maximum at so 4.59 billion years for the starsystem and a minimum at so 4.48 billion years for the emergence of the planet. The average so is about 4.53 billion years and as measured by radiactive carbon/uranium dating and similar.

So how does this relate to your question?
Half the age of the earth is about 2.27 billion years and so the mirror function for the Gaian lifeform evolution became manifest so 2.27 billion years ago.
It is known scientifically, that at that time the earth's atmosphere became oxygen enriched, so allowing flora and fauna lifeforms to become terrestrial in flowering plants and aquatic eukaryotes emerging on land (say as amphibious lifeforms).

This evolution was both, naturally experimental and harmonious in duality expressions.
So for every 'poisonous chemical' there existed or evolved an 'antidote'.
This evolution is ongoing and even if a 'synthetic' biochemistry is introduced (like the HIV virus); then after some time, 'nature' will evolve a 'natural' antidote.

This was the case with the AIDS virus, where so 10 years after its introduction, HIV negative babies were born to HIV positive mothers.

Specific data in regards to 'dotes' and 'antidotes' are common nous in indigenous populations. This information is then sequestered and manipulated by pharmaceutical companies, which produce the drugs in varoious forms; often disharmonizing a natural biochemical balance in chiral and antichiral ingredients of the natural 'drug'.
This disharmonization then causes the 'side effects'.

Particular drugs for particular effects are tabulated in many sources you can then find on the web or in books or in the other appropriate medias.

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