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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Passenger View Post
Greetings Abraxas,

This is some thread you have here... i feel that i have journeyed
through all of the dimensions at once as i read the 42 pages and
it is still going strong. Some rough bits there earlier on with
the Dragon Slayers but balance has been restored - mirror mirror
on the wall... gives a whole new perspective of the verses -
'judge not lest you be judged'. There is magic here.

66=THUBAN=FREEDOM=THE MAGIC=...indeed passenger.

You mention that the 4th dimension will inherit the 3rd dimension.
Or at least all that is ready for ascension/harvest.
Is 4D not just a mental/astral plain full of assorted beings with
a lot of baggage/issues and like to play games with entities on
the 3D plain. Is this also not where the Magi go to do the same.

Yes this is correct, the 4D AT PRESENT is the 'astral plane'. When the 4D is rendered 5D however, then this 'astral plane' is reconfigured as stated by many many 'New Agers' (Edgar Cayce and Sheldon Nile for one).

If so then how will this 3D+4D=New World co-exist with the present
and quite often insane group from the current 4D occupants?
It will take some time to get used to the form and the formless
in a natural co-existence... assuming i have any of this correct
at all.

As I have said many times before by now; the 3D is the Core for the 4D, like the kernel of a peach.
Now only the hard kernel exists, THEN this kernel will have a softer envelope. They will coexist, the 4D being however relatively 'invisible' for the ones not able to 'tune into in self-resonance'.

BTW - i have been seeing a swiss cheese reality for some time now.
With - 'so it seems' - different parts of my vision in different
realities of completely different matter. Some parts fade in and out
and sometimes other parts become malleable or like liquid. Happens
more and more often now.

There you are you are preparing yourself for the 3D-4D interaction on the collective scale through your selfinteraction on the individual scale.

Which brings me to another question... if the gates are already open
then are there already some ascended 'StarHumans' in the New World ?
Acting as the ground crew for the oncoming 4D newbies. The greeting
party as it were.

No stargates are as yet open on the earth and out to a distance of 2 million kilometers. The sun's stargates HAVE OPENED, as you can see by the photographic evidence posted on this forum and elsewhere.

Thanks for the inspiration you have given me to better understand
my understanding.

You seem to be doing very well indeed passenger.

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