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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Phtha View Post
This is a great post dear Sirebard, thanks! A lot of this I have come to realize myself from fasting and experimenting with various types of diets... although I never thought to consider that many of these 'food consciousnesses' might be originating from some far away source..

Do bananas come from Venus?

Not to my knowledge Phtah. I thought they come from Southern America, in crates, often accompanied by Tarantulas.

Can you list some of the more popular fruits and veggies... and their origins?

Here I think a website might be more appropriate. As said the vegies and fruits are Gaian BUT have ET intelligences associated with thir terrestraial physicality and origins.

I also found your posts about animals very interesting. Being a long time cat owner myself I couldn't help but notice in Avatar that the race from pandora was based off of Felinaes.

The Feline archetype is very potent, as it allows galactic synchronisation between Anrdromeda (the Lioness) with Perseus/Milky Way (the Lion of Judah).

Where are mice from? They way lab rats are treated... The must have a real beef to pick with us. As well as all those other 'farmed' animals
Yes I agree with you 100%. The most 'karmic' abuse of the Gaian animals are the laboratory 'experiments' on monkeys, dogs, cats and the rodents.
There is today no longer any scientific necessity for such 'experiments' or the hunting of animals for their pelts (seals, minks, ferrets etc); as the science has the utility for comparative substituing materials.

Where do the rodents come from?
When the dinosaurs became extinct in the Mesozoic era; the rodents of the Cretaceous period (so 100 million years ago) became the root survivors in the hybridisation of the 'furred reptilians" (Pecylosaurs or Paramammals).
Then in the next era of the Cenozoic, the mammals grew into their prehistoric sizes; many of the rodents however remaining relatively small to fill the niches of the environment.
Rodents, like crocodiles (from archosaurs predating the dinosaurs) and sharks so are the 'great survivors' of climactic catastrophies.

Rodents fundamentally represent the reptilian-mammalian hybridisation and so are human ancestors.

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