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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Spregovori View Post
Hei Abraxasinas

Do you feel ok this last days?

Why should I not? The agenda of Thuban spans more avenues, than the Project Avalon.

What do you do when you are bored?

I Dragon Play!

A few guess questions (based on content from one of the given urls):

Are we 7th generation human, after being wiped out and re-created several times before that?

This depends of when you begin to label the 'humanness'. If you begin with Mitochondrial Eve, then the 200,000 years would span 7-8 precessional generations (of so 26,000 years) each.
If you start with Y-chromosomal Adam, then this reduces to 2-3 such cycles in the 50,000-80,000 year count.

By genetically created it means that we skipped millions of years of natural some "weird" way, we are all from the glass phylacteries? Somehow the thought of this makes me feel - insignificant.

Although on a "soul level" does it matter if the "vehicle" is artificially made or naturally evolved?

The human template is completely naturally made and evolved.

We are not the 1st "intelligent" life form on this planet? There are "others" that evolved naturally? They are still here...but not in contact or at least not in the way general public could see? The "others" are original inhabitants of Earth?

The first intelligent lifeform upon earth was elemental, i.e. the molecular and atomic configurations, say of the atmosphere and the rock minerals. These sentiences then already were associated with ET lifeforms in consciousness, as the same elementals occur throughout the universe.

Can someone/anyone claim ownership over a point/place/space/planet/thing/phenomena/anything in universe? I somehow think it is "insane" for anyone to claim ownership of countries and claim "private" land.....the claim ownership over something as a planet....

We fully agree with you here and so do the indigenous peoples all around the planet.

Description of two symbols: a blue serpent with four white wings on a black background, a mystic being a "Dragon" in the shape of a circle with seven white stars in the middle

Is any of this familiar to you?

Yes, these are basic and potent archetypes, such as found in the Book of the Revelation. The colours relate to the basic colour triplicities in state and antistate. Red-Green-Blue=Neutral White (in light) or Black (in paint) and is antistated in the triplet Cyan-Magenta-Yellow.

The "ant hill" mentioned in one of the previous posts....isn't that more like a human perspective and not a perspective of higher "dimension" being?

No differentiation between 'highD' and 'lowD' is applied to the label of 'ant-hill'. It simply serves to exemplify some point or statement made.

For example...when I was 17 (or 18)... so 8-9 years back...when there was no Avalon etc... I was talking to a "friend" of mine...we were discussing aliens...and i was full of "they would come and make everything good" but my "friend" stated: "they would come and do what we do to animals". His argument was that an advanced civilization would use as for work, food and entertainment.... I thought a lot about it at that time...and came to the conclusion that his perspective is 100% human (he also has a "dark" side...his nature...his interests...) While my perspective was/is that YES advanced technology does not necessarily require benevolence (spiritual development) but at the same time i believe that truly advanced civilization (no just someone that can fire off gravitational weapons) went beyond negativity...than again this is my so also a human perspective...

If i was a higher "dimensional" life form...being able "magic"...etc...and even if i was just more technologically advanced....had no concerns about things like stupid money, food, and roof above my head...i would use my abilities to help others...on Earth for example...there is so much that someone like that could do...and i would do it.... (again this is my current and entirely human perspective)

What some consider to be "evil" others consider to be a "necessity"?
Both are right? Polarization?

EVIL=LIVE backwards, this simple mirror-anagram exemplifies the polarity of the word.

Is it wrong to kill while defending yourself?

No; but in any case, you will become subject to your experiential processing in self-consciousness.

To continue...

How do i influence my Logos? Is it with thoughts?

Yes, you simply live your life in observing all of your thoughts and actions as a 'higher aspect' of your soul-self.

How do i access my logos? How do i see what they are like?
To analyze, feel, see them...change, redesign, delete, add...them...?

As in the above. You 'talk' and think to yourself.

If only 1/7th is waking consciousness how am i to..."get real"? By mastering thoughts?
6/7 awareness being beyond my influence is - extremely discouraging.

There is over 90% of Junk-DNA in your body, indicating a most wasteful and inefficient 'nature'. This should be rather more discouraging to you.

I had a "fun time" looking myself in the mirror..should probably look myself in the eyes more often...the feelings are..."scary"...was not able to exit holodeck though.

Yes, this is the beginning of much wisdom. Perhaps you are discovering that YOU in the mirror is not really you, but a 'pretender'.

Trying to "see" how my mirror image sees me...made my head "hurt" (shade of a sort)

The 'pretender' does not like to be uncovered as your own selfmade and selfdefined DEVIL=LIVED. It cannot exist without you existing in a form able to 'image' yourself physically.

I do use what you named a "golden rule" but it does BOTHER me A LOT...when others do not do that. If everyone and everything is a me...than there are a lot of things i should carefully consider but i think that in a lot of cases...human animals simply ignore the golden rule (despite what my actions are) and do/behave/tell to me what they would not want to be done to them...this can make me feel "unpleasant"....angry...and also it is energy draining...especially when i try my best not to react in a "negative" way....sadness Despite all that i can not get rid of the feeling it is me that is doing something wrong...or is it that i just always feel automatically guilty.

The path of selfdiscovery and selfawareness is long and often torturous; however you have eternity to complete your journey.

Maximum polarization program....just how more maximum can/will it go? Do you know? Or is it up to us? Can it go so far that at the "end" there will remain only one side of polarization or is that impossible?

The timeline ends in warptime on April 1st, 2012. The starhuman baby will be born on December 21st, 2012 and the 'weaning' time ends on August 4th, 2013. Maximum polarisation ends March 31st, 2012.

It feels like a program for maximum s***t hole of the universe (i wonder who programmed it). It could use an update or at least a hot-fix. I "demand" new futures!

As cocreator your 'demands' are subject to your individual efforts to negotiate desired outcomes.

By stating I AM ... i am that i am or i am that am i .... this helps me focus/control what i think? How so? By acknowledging my existence as individual...i hmm what - can be classified as a sentient being? How does that help me?

There are thousands of books and articles on the web for you to familiarise yourself with 'affirmations'.
I recommend to you a trilogy: 'Conservations with God', by Neale Donald Walsh (I do NOT endorse the follow up selfhelp material as it is one a dozen; the original trilogy is however excellent an in concordance with the Archives of Thuban).

Isn't thought mastery something that eastern philosophy teaches how to obtain during lifetime...and some try it all life time via various techniques but ultimately fail or make some progress but not the complete self mastery?

Well, you may have guessed, that the 'sitting crosslegged under the trees and humming Omm' is not a significant part and parcel of the Thuban philosophy.

To master thoughts? Just that...ok.."no pressure".
Just try to be yourself and cease your judgemnts of yourself and others.
Let God awaken within you - it can be very natural.

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