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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post

Yes Joey, I agree with Drunvalo here.

The great Apes still carry 24 chromosome pairs.
About 5 million years ago the ape lineages split genetrically from the lineage evolving into the hominids.
This split fused the 2-Chromosome for the hominid line, but kept the 2-Chromosome as a pair in the apes.

I have heard a great arguement regarding the 'true' lineage of hominids; Abrax what have you heard about the "Aquatic Ape" Theory?

Hi wilsoneric!

The evolution of the human genotype DOES NOT allow for the idea of the 'Aquatic Ape' in physical propagation of the genesis.
In other nonterrestrial environments, the amphibious morphogetic bodyform may well be synchronized with the human template, but this would be more in the form of interdimensional hybridization, than an actual 3D evolvement; (see Nommo of the Dogon-Sirius mythology).


Also, in reading your replys regarding planet/animal consiousness (Sirius-Canine consiousness, etc), what truth is there in the saying, "Humans are the dream of the dolphin?" This saying is just something I have been carrying around my whole life and don't know why. It is ok if you don't follow...I know its got me stumped for the moment.

The 'Pleiadean' humanoid archetype in the higherD perspective is that of the Cetacean.
So you can easily restate your saying in: "Humans are the dream of the Pleiadean!".
This then is indicated by some very good (like Barbara Marciniak) and not so good Pleiadean channelers or messengers.

The Pleiadeans so consider the Human as their 'time-travelled' ancestors.
The Pleiadeans so considerr the terrestrial cetaceans, whales, dolphins, porpoises as their real next of kin and Gaian amabassadors.
As I take your advice to "Get Physical" (and it has had me scratching my head for days) in order to become more grounded, I find it hard to fly with the rest of you here. Your statement regarding my ability to self express in order to fill the void has me the most puzzled; yet am sure I will remember what my soul means soon. You have stated many times in this thread we are our own soul paired, doubled; with combinations of XY1 and XOX and such (I'm not making fun, I just don't remember). While it will all be clear soon enough, how is it we are individually paired/doubled....while at the same time still all part of the whole? "I am many in one, and one in many" seems to ofset each other. Are we not one or the other? How can we be both at the same time?

When you 'make love' to your lover, then you are 'becoming as One', in projection your own individual selfhood onto your partner in a blending of the souls.

This is the manner of the duality seeking reunification of the self in sexual intercourse and the 'lovemaking'.
The proper archetype is 2nd Order in the divided polarity within the Unity, so defining your bi- or quadrosexuality within yourself.

Finally, how do I learn more about Dragons and avoid all the distortions?
I have posted a number of threads to Julissa, which describe the Dragon archetype from basic principles.

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