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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Jonah View Post

Can you explain a "fusion flash"? Have you ever personally known someone who has accomplished this... Is it possible to attain? Can you explain the science of it?

(I hear it is quiet painful....)
thank you for your response, j
Hi Jonah!

A fusion flash in physical terms is the nucleosynthetic transmutation of elements, say the proton-proton chain in the sun converting Hydrogen into Helium in:
This is accompanied by the emission of energy as sunlight, gamma radiation and Kinetic Energy (of say the neutrinos).

Then in metaphysical-personal terms, the hydrogen-helium transmutation is replaced by an energy induction of EMMR not measurable by the EMR detectors.
This is because the EMR is produced by the acceleration of Coulombic-Electric charges, which are ALWAYS coupled to inertial mass.
Iow, electric charges do not exist in the absence of mass.
But the EMMR=ElectroMagneticMonopolar Radiation; does exist independent of inertia/mass and so can be used to model MagnetoCharges (so defining the word SPIRIT in physical tyerms).

The EMMR is generated by the acceleration of magnetic charges and where the magnetic charge is defined in the inversion of the string/membrane energy in the principle of modular duality in more technical terms.
The EMMR so becomes the higherD equivalent for the lowerD EMR.

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