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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Dear Abraxasinas,
one month ago you started the thread ThubanQ& there are already 42
sometimes I was laughing sometimes crying by reading through the postings.
It was "quote" a roll a coaster for some readers.
But some of us if we are honest have had at least an "Aha experience" iow an inspiration of inner knowledge even a hint to enlightment.
For myself it was sometimes a trigger to remember.........
It is about towake up our inner knowledge
which we forgot
this is the real "red thread" which runs through the Thuban story
that`s why I want to Thank you
for all your efforts work time and wise words which you share with us.
that`s why I dont care if it is sifi a space opera gnostic with science etc.
I like the ThubanQ&A
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