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Default Re: Doctors in Haiti really not acting like doctors

Originally Posted by morguana View Post
we sit here in the comfort of our homes judging the behavior of a handful of folk that have gone to a place akin to hell on earth to save lives! i am astounded!!
first no one knows how being in that situation would effect us, so they have a drink....just like anyone else does to chill out. they have photos taken with soldiers holding guns..
so hats off to anyone that gets off their bottom and helps in situations like this one
I happen to agree, until you've walked in their shoes you really have no right to judge them, or anyone else for that matter. They're from Puerto Rico and they just looked like they were being typical macho man. Unfortunately society glorifies guns and like to shoot and blow things up and go arrrgghh!!!

Now it might look insensitive to us...but they're from a different culture AND they're doctors, they see life much differently you.

What is the big deal when they're sacrificing so much to be there...
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