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Default Re: Predictions... To be or not to be?

Well... all the scenarios that have been presented in thread, well, they don't look so good, at All! But I am mighty impressed that Camelot has presented part of Ashayan Deane's summary (which I'm sure has a link to the rest, though I've not yet checked).

HouseMouse, I hear you. We too have found ourselves preparing the homestead here...

and this post clip: "Funny... but I wonder how many Avalonians remember consciously that the whole original point of PA was so that likeminded people could get together and start building real communities that could cope with the events that are to come".

My household has not been very successful in approaching those on our peninsula about community. We made the decision to remain where we live after thoughtful consideration of our existing location, it seemed a wise decision) but we know not how to approach our neighbors, we have simply, for now, become an example: a brood of 24 hens providing eggs for donations or trade, a greenhouse & fairly large garden, enlarged pond, cistern/well, backup energy, etc...

The essential premise of this forum has resulted in many making preparations, but community building is the most challenging part...
just how do you get others' attention without sounding paranoid?
I think we've realized that when times get more difficult, it will not be so hard to begin face to face dialog.

If things get as bad as I envision, there will hardly be any safe places, but we decided not to do the exteme move to a very remote, isolated location & find others to work with.... if chit hits that bad, well... you get the picture. If I were in my 30s/40s I might have a different view, but we are 57 & 66 me/myGuy/2cats1dog/24chickens2roosters/fish.... (chuckles)

Ashayana's work has seemingly chosen this family's attention and we are proud that Camelot has placed a link to her on their website! KUDOS.
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