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Default Re: A video the army doesn't want us to see

Beautiful Kra. Thank you.

The OP's video is NOT enjoyable, but thats not the point either. Drawing the conclusion this is something, everyone involved is guilty of, is unfair. It would feel fair to me to say, more attention to these types of activities are needed. It wasn't just Iraq, or Vietnam, it's been every war, every invasion. By now, we should be aware of this and take needed steps to ensure these things don't happen at times of War. One could make a case to me to justify conflict and military action which I could accept if not agree with. However this is a well known issue ( let's call it a "side effect" of War activity) and requires attention, and it does not have to happen to resolve conflict, even in a War situation.

It is very sad to know this happens.

Thank you for the thread.

In light, of love
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