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Default Re: Where Are We on 9-11 Truth?

Originally Posted by JudgeMental View Post
Great thread, JudgeMental - missed that one. Photos are actually kind of funny, especially Flight 93 crash site. Has everything (evidence) been destroyed? Enron docs, the works?

Things seem to be at a bit of a stalemate here. At what point can it move from the doldrums. Wee bit of ennui...

What happened to the stock market tracks afterward? NoFBIbody interested in chasing that one down at the time? I agree with you seashore, who cares if it was zipped metal, thermite - but. Holographic and vaporizing technology probably needs to get out to the public first. Otherwise, it's too much to conceptualize. For people 'inside' they're already ahead of the curve and think the public is just idiotic - not true IMO.

No matter what, the 9/11 whistle blowers are not pouring out the door on this, just yet. The US government seems to have a 'This is our story and we're sticking to it' kind of mettle.
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