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Default Re: New way to pay your bills!

Originally Posted by Angel in Disguise View Post
Has anyone or is anyone willing to try it and report back?
I had come across similar type of dialogue several years ago but at the time 'things' like this were not believable. Kind of like the 'Lesko' book of free money from grants. You should see how much money states and city's have stashed away in there 'savings' coffers labeled as emergency or rainy day fund and is not part of their expenditure budget publicly.

Not sure what the system is here but think of it this way; if you download a copy of the legislation, laws, and find the definitions of relevant terms you will develop the conviction that the terminology does in fact apply to you and that this conviction supports your action. If you are ever challenged on the matter then defending your conviction will be a no-brainer for you because of your sovereignty. However, if you are challenged and are not sure of your position then of course it would be easier for 'them' to twist your arm into reversing your understanding.

Interesting how something so simple will bring to light the effect of self empowerment and the actions that back it up. See how we have been duped over time into acquiescencing our power and forgot who we are and what we have?

I say go for it and learn the language then you can decide at that point.
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