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Default ancient site discovered

greetings everyone

about 3 weeks ago, a friend and i went on a walk about near the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest . to make a long story short, we found what we believe is an ancient site left undiscovered. so far, we have not found any recorded information about this anywhere.

this site is not too far from Fort Mountain, Georgia
where there is lore about the 'moon-eyed people'. for some reason, there has not been a whole lot of investigation into this ancient civilization.

we stopped at this odd rock formation that seemed to be out of place. once there, we noticed a strange indention in one of the huge slabs. there were several tear drop shaped, cigar shaped, and a perfect circle indention's in the huge rock slabs. i would guess that these slabs were between 10-15 feet tall.

here is a shot of one of the tear drop shapes

as we climbed down, and around the formation this is what we found:

this looks like a notch for marking alignments.

as we drove on down the road less than a tenth of a mile, we found more teardrop shapes in another rock formation

anyhow, i have written to a few folks because i have no idea what to do next here. (no replies yet) i think this place needs to be investigated further. if anyone in this community has any insight it would be greatly appreciated. especially about who i could contact, etc, to get the ball rolling on this.

here is a cascading water fall another tenth of a mile down the road, that was so perfect, i think it was built a long time ago as a channel or something. it also has some interesting markings on the rocks, strange shapes that water could not have caused naturally.

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