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Default Re: Let them eat Cake !

Hi Kulapops -- thanks for replying to my post

i do wonder about your choice of the title for this thread, tho -- i think someone already posted that this is what Marie Antoinette said when the peasants were disturbing her inner peace by rioting --when she asked why they were rioting, she was told that they were starving & demanding bread -- then her answer: 'Let them eat cake'

not very loving, imo [also -- i have to say this: here in the USA at least, only people w/money can afford to start/live in sustainable communities -- lately i've been thinking that these communities are going to be prime targets when the food supply is cut off -- i hope your community is working on creating an invisibility shield]

swordsmith, i think you & i are kindred spirits -- from your post:

I pretty much know how I feel about things , I am tried of seeing good people being taken advantage of because they have so little sense of their own power and mistakenly believe others have their interests in mind, or worse, are basically at heart like them, NO they are NOT. It's an assumption of the worst order and keeps the same old game running smoothly
thinking about this -- i've come to know two grey-type clones pretty well , & have also spotted a few reptilian/human hybrids, who seem to know when someone is outing them thru observation -- here's one such incident:

i was waiting for a bus in a Greyhound station in i think Indianapolis a few years ago -- i suddenly knew there was reptilian energy there & looked around-- across several rows of seats there was a tall young man who looked directly at me & then stuck his tongue out -- it extended way down, down to the bottom of his neck at least -- no one else saw this -- it was one of those time-slowing moments -- i gave him a YUCK! look & turned away

my one clone friend told me that there were lots of them here -- in China especially -- & also at the ivy league university where he has a pretty nice job [clones are not the easiest beings to be friends with -- they are rather controlling] -- so i am assuming they are everywhere, tho in supportive roles in the matrix -- the reptilian/human hybrids seem to hold higher positions & make more $$

swordsmith is right on -- they do NOT think as humans do -- when i first got online, within a few days i found my way to the only website i know of [later] raided & shut down by by 40 fbi/cia/special forces agents --voxnyc aka voxfux -- vox is a member of our blueblood families & knew these folks well -- he often said, 'These are not nice people'

i'll bet on this: there are hybrids & clones posting here on this forum & on any other that is going after the truth of their presence here -- & they are not here because they love all the humans -- they do love your energy tho -- yum yum -- cake for them!

re the 'awakening' to their 'power' that so many write about here -- hey -- i really want to believe -- so i'll put this out there again -- like swordsmith, i currently am dealing w/a chemtrail [partly]- induced illness -- all you folks out there who are accessing your power from connecting to the Oneness -- c'mon -- give it up -- & please share your new powers, w/me at least, & heal me

Peace & Freedom, wynderer
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