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wow I've gotta try that kefir, all I really drink is water and lately Ive been craving something else, that's perfect.

Also that tomatoe soup! I love tomatoes so its funny I've never thought of making a raw tomato soup before. I make raw avocado soups and those are really good (or can be) incase anyones interested in ideas.

Have you ever tried to use hemp oil instead of olive oil for you soups?
Ive recently been learning to make my own doughs, I was surprised at how much olive oil is used for them too.

Thanks for these most muchly!

With granola, usually I just buy those fancy organic ones, you know.. those homemade looking ones that are like $5000 for 5 grams.
Again I never thought of making my own granola by just buying the ingredients on their own, I bet that saves a ton. I can already come up with all sorts of ideas...
Blest are you!
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