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mmm a certified raw food chef, I didn't know there was such a thing.

Well... im pretty creative in the juicing department (sometimes too creative lol), so I'm good for that.
Kefirs sound good whatever they are, I'd love like to hear about that one. I'm with you though, the simpler the better. What are your favorites? Faves are often a good bet for flaves.

Whatever you feel like sharing I would be pleased and thankful.

Originally Posted by eleni View Post
Phtha- I am willing to share- I'm a certified raw chef (but not raw anymore although I eat a lot of living foods) LOL.....what type recipes are you looking for? I like to keep it simple (better on digestion) so do a lot of raw soups and salads and fermented vegetables (and kefirs such as water kefirs, coconut kefirs) green juices, sea vegetables etc;
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