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Default Re: Recommended Reading

Great Gevaudan...!

And when we get to the heart of the matter, what resonates inside, resonates because it is our truth, and not the book's...(or whatever we are reading) it's easy to get the two confused, so we think we are reading the truth, when actually we are feeling our own.

this is surely the key to discernment - knowing that we go... 'ahhh !' because we go ' ahhh ! ' and not because what we are reading is the truth.

A lot of soothsayers get us to a place of going 'ahhh...' and then just add their own waffle (sometimes so much so, that you stop going 'ahhh!' )

I'm not having a go at your book here (I still haven't read it all), but I think it's a general principle. I am just gullible. That's a good thing... that requires an open heart. But no one else can give me a truth... I have to work out my own... Will it involve Gringons from the Planet Xarg ? Possibly not for me... I'm quite happy that they may exist for others maybe. Maybe a 12 million year old dynasty on Venus resonates with others, My skeptical mind says, 'why 12? Why not 11??' lol


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