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Talking Re: Solfeggio Frequencies to alter 3 dimensional reality.

Today I am in the mood for celebration, I celebrate life because with the proper tools and knowledge all matters can be resolved. My life is beautiful and it is my wish, hope and prayer that it is contagious and it catches on like a virus that cannot be cured. Lately as we all know this has become a disaster area , I just plead with everyone to be patient, lets contribute with good vibrations, frequencies, email support for both Bill and Kerry. Anything positive you could think to make a contribution. This website as well as Project Camelot holds a special place in my heart and I know that it holds a special place for you also. I am not about to leave and I hope that irregardless of your sentiments you'll stick out.
This has been a tough month overall but there's no hurdle tall enough that we cannot climb. Together we can climb all the hurdles that come our way it is more fun climbing them together than all by ourselves. in spanish there's a saying that says, " dale tiempo al tiempo", the meaning is, in time all wounds would heal . Tomorrow this matter will soon be forgotten and we can get on with our lives together as a family the Avalonians are alive and well.

Blessings to all..
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