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Talking Re: Solfeggio Frequencies to alter 3 dimensional reality.

The subject of another experiment with frequencies I have been focusing my attention on is Dreams. We all dream but because we are all busy bodies moving around seldom do we pay attention to our dreams. So I decided to try to recollect my dreams every morning and note down some impressions. This morning I have for the last two hours gave it my undivided attention . Now although most of us do not recollect our dreams. Dreams is a way for your inner essence to store information. This information comes to you via imagery, symbols, emotions, sounds, . The information is not store in the brain , it is store within the memory of your resonator the heart.Often people confuse their dreams with messages for the world, when in fact they are messages to help you in your growth process.The imagery you see are uniquely your own. As you begin to come in contact with your true self , the information store within your resonator begins to activate itself, trillions of images, impressions, sensations, emotions, sounds ,begin to be decipher by your whole being.If we take the time to be patient with ourselves most of our daily problems and upheavals could be solved through our dreams. This is the time when your inner essence is free to roam, explore and learn.
Thank you to all for your continue support and participation to this thread.

Blessings to all...
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