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Originally Posted by sammytray View Post
I see what your saying however, cant ya feel it? How much accuracy does one need? Seriously, NOTHING is 100% accurate. If you take the information and plug it into the "logical" mind frame, one can discover that some things are just gonna happen; to what extent depends on those that are awake and adding to the "love" scenario. I must say... the systems in place MUST fail in order to "match" with the new energys. I would prefer to muscle out the chaos and embrace the new. I am not inviting what Cliff's information says into my experience but I am certainly filing it as a big possibility....

Yes, systems are crumbling and NEEDS to crumble.... wouldnt you agree???
Yes I totally agree with you on this. Out with the old & in with the new. Can it be done without global chaos......maybe or maybe not. Earth needs to cleanse herself.....& that process can be painfull for us humans.
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