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Default Re: Not my concern, I am staying

Friends All,

I have kept to the sidelines and in my silence. I, too, now will express my penny's worth of thoughts.

Like t3j, I have chosen to not participate in the exchanges going on between members/mods of late. I, too, feel that it is none of my business, and it is and never was my problem. I am greatly saddened by the conflict that has gone public and the total caos that abounds. Signs of the times, I assume...

I have been on this forum since Sept 20, 2008. It was a lifesaver for me when I found it; I was "called" to find it. I was taken in by a group of very loving and like-minded people here; unfortunately, many of them have been gone now for a long time. I joined to become part of a “groundcrew”, of doers preparing for what our future was enfolding, good or bad, to learn and to teach, to seek and to find answers. I was honored to have received the title of library “researcher” and, within a short period of time, with the hard work of a great library team, the Avalon Ark Library became a reality and was growing. A few site crashes took it down, unfortunately. During this time, I also was contacted by Mudra and Giovonni to translate Astrowalker's first book to Italian which I did with the editorial help of Freedive.

As the forum took in more and more people, and especially when it went to paid subscription, I felt that it took a “ different road” from that which I had encountered in the beginning. At the very least, I can say that it no longer was the place where I felt that I was intended to go. I did continue to read and learn, and even post, but the continual accusations of “fear mongering” when I was just a messenger was hard for me to bear. (And I was not the only messenger...why did I get squished like an ant underfoot?) And the very few times I dared to voice my opinion... I was either verbally attacked or ignored. So I said to myself, “Who needs it? I don't!” So much for my ego... I just try to let it go. He who has eyes will see as the saying goes.

I have continued to be present on the Avalon Forum because of my love for humanity and my love for knowledge. Many of you here have given me leads to find answers to my life questions and I am very very grateful.

I do not identify myself with the Avalon Forum in it's present state, but that does not mean that I have not found interest in the posting done. I do realize that there is so much knowledge that I could never similate it all in many lifetimes of study and discernment.

I will be more than happy to try out the new Avalon2 to see if I fit in and if it fits with me. I have not received an invite like some of you have already announced. I am still waiting.

PS: I really do believe and live my signatures that follow.

Peace and Good Will!
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